NEW per Form Support Tab, to make asking for help easier and get quicker responses

31st May 2019

To make handling 'Support' calls/emails easier for you and quicker for us to respond to, we have added a new tab at the end of SDLT/LTT data entry screens that is called 'Support'.


It captures the details we need to respond specifically about that form and allows you to ask or add details around either a General question or a Form specific issue.

As you would expect, there are many support questions that are the same question with the same sort of answer. These we have made into 'Templates', so an immediate 'How to....' response can be sent direct to you if you ask a popular question that has a 'standard template' response. The system will in this case send you a response immediately of what the resolve action is.

Whilst we love to speak with you, on the phone there are times when an instant response is what you are actually after, as opposed to a nice chat with Archie, Carolyn or Leigh via a call back at some point in the day, often when you are out at lunch or on the phone and we end up with phone call ping pong.

Please don't feel we don't want to chat and are distancing the human side of helpdesk from you, this is just an option for you to use and quicker way of you getting the help you seek.

There is also a template for a simple - 'I want to chat this form through, call me.'

All feedback welcome. Support Team

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