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eSubmit your LTT data direct to Welsh Revenue Authority

Need a Land Transaction Tax form, (LTT) its guidance,
supplemental forms, declaration and covering letter?

Single sign on, one Dashboard of SDLT and LTT all in once place, (and LBTT too). Easy to use and allows re use of data, pre-population of data as 85% of LTT is the same as SDLT. Immediate access provided, no need for slow Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) registration and even slower WRA data input, over and over again – that’s costing you money. It’s the Conveyancers choice of alternative, to that of WRA.

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Use any internet browser - doesn't get easier than that, especially as its Maintenance FREE.


Intuative and based on the paper form. Easy to integrate with Case management via API

Key Features costs from just £9 per successful submission* (includes eAP1, minimal account setup £225) - but just look at what you get...

  • Integrates with a wide range of case management systems
  • Dedicated SDLT Helpdesk.
  • Can create multiple time-saving templates
  • Build your own central database of solicitors
  • Full permanent audit trail
  • Helps you comply with Law Society rules
  • Same lay-out as paper version
  • Errors reported before submission
  • HMRC online access not necessary to draft forms
  • A privately run company with a 'total customer service' ethos
  • the Cost Effective 'Disbursement' Solution

    Contract/license based SDLT solutions can be very expensive. is a fair 'pay for what you use' model.

    Comparing to HMRC

    A current common question is: How does compare to the HMRC own-brand version?

    HMRC invited software developers like ourselves to create and define a system to integrate with themselves for SDLT submissions. was the first software supplier to successfully test through the Vendor Single Integrated Proving Service (VSIPS) for e-SDLT submissions. HMRC also created their own-brand cut down version - it is just that - 'Own-Brand' (i.e. not as good as the real thing). The HMRC version is free, the application called costs from just £9 per successful submission* - but just look at what you get... has significant value-added features when compared with HMRC

    The majority of firms already using are passing on the disbursement charge per certificate to the client, just as you would with search fees. Of course if you are using case management with you will find the majority of the form is filled in for you from data entered in your CMS system.
  • Does not integrate with anything or anyone
  • General Revenue & Customs call centre. Unlikely to get satisfactory response without further escalation
  • Cannot create templates.
    The average return takes 15 minutes
  • No timesaving databases or address books
  • Forms stored for 30 days. No audit trail after this period
  • Basic printing options only basic receipt provided
  • Different lay-out, training required
  • Error messages difficult to interpret
  • Must have constant access to HMRC systems
  • is a Government Department... No comment!
  • Integrates with a wide range of case management systems
  • Dedicated SDLT Helpdesk. One phone call (less frustration!).
    Friendly, efficient service.
  • Can create multiple time-saving templates.
    The average return takes 3 minutes
  • Build your own database of solicitors and other details, saving input time
  • Forms stored permanently. Full audit trail that proves your risk management.
  • Comply with Law Society rules to maintain full and accurate client records
  • Same lay-out as paper version. Easy to navigate
  • Errors reported before submission & in plain English
  • HMRC online access not necessary to draft forms
  • A privately run company with a 'total customer service' ethos
  • PAYG pricing options

    Great benefits, all for a small disbursment charge per certificate. Online Managed Service


    per SDLT5 Certificate
    Designed for firms that do less than 10 SDLT submissions a month or do not have regular IT support and do not have case management. Requires no software installation and we manage the whole service for you - including backups and updates. 


    per SDLT5 Certificate
    Ideal for firms that submit over 10 SDLT forms per month, have regular IT support and perhaps also a Case Management System. Requires software to be installed on your systems but all forms are checked and stored on your internal computer systems before submission.
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